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French or Spanish?

Started by PinkiePurples , Jan 21 2017 11:48 PM

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Poll: French or Spanish? (19 member(s) have cast votes)

Should I learn French or Spanish?

  1. French (15 votes [71.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 71.43%

  2. Spanish (5 votes [23.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.81%

  3. Manchurian (because our school offers that for some reason) (1 votes [4.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.76%

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  • PinkiePurples
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So, graduation from high school requires two years of World Language. They offer Spanish, French, and Manchurian. This is kind of early, but I was debating on taking Spanish or French for those two years (I'd prefer to take two years of one language instead of taking one year for each).

This is some of the reasons why I want to learn these two:



- My father's side of the family is Colombian



- I plan to move to Canada after college, and like 30% of Canada speaks French



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Bob Titan
  • Bob Titan
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French yo. Pande me Alex and you could have French conversations
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Lilly Knight
  • Lilly Knight
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TBH I think that Spanish would be better to learn than French. There are more people who speak Spanish than French, and besides, when I took a year of Spanish, I saw that I also could learn French easier, since the words were 'connected.'


Manchurian would also be cool to learn, just to say that you know it xD

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Lisa Flume
  • Lisa Flume
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I started French in Kindegarten and took it all the way until my senior year of high school.

While I love the language a lot, the biggest shock to me was realizing how much I still didn't know to be able to hold a conversation with someone in French. I went skiing up north one winter and encountered lots of Canadians and also realized how different Canadian French is from the French we learn in school. Its almost completely different :P 


My advice- since you're planning on living in Canada or going there- the fact is that living there will force you to learn the language and you'll learn it really fast while you are learning there since you'll immerse yourself in the culture. Learning spanish in school right now will make it easier for you to learn French later on and you'll also get to learn more about your dad's side of the family this way. :P idk

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  • TheStartreker
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*i take Spanish if you can't tell.*

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  • HaliaBoo
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I have taken neither (American Sign Language FTW) but my boyfriend and best friend both took spanish and hated it. Yes, you may have more convos in Spanish than French in both America and Canada, but do what you feels right. (What if you go to Paris ;))

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