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Frost Creevey

Started by Fire , Jan 28 2017 06:24 AM

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Frost Creevey casted rictusempra on me alot of times, sweared at me, and even told me to die from cancer or something like that.. i did not like it and i hope he'll get punished for his acts.




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Harry King
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I'm slightly confused. In the chat RIGHT above it, you say, and i quote, "go for it, give me ur best shot" which makes me thing that you were trying to aggravate him
I also don't see any evidence of being rictusempra'd, which is a *tickle tickle* in the chat. Albeit that being easily forged, a way to make sure that it is captured with less forgery chance is to get a picture, even better is a video.
So far, in my opinion, i really don't think that this isn't just you trying to get back at someone you dislike. This will be my opinion till you manage to convince me otherwise, using evidence, and maybe a mod can post a chat log from around the time this happened.
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I've warned him for talking about people dying of cancer before, he will be punished. Thank you for reporting :D

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Situation Dealt With 

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