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The History of the Server (Jan 2014 - present)

Started by Pandette , Jul 15 2015 02:13 PM

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Hey everyone,  I thought I would just give some perspective on the history of the server, because maybe a lot of people don't know how it started.

The server originally started from 3 Founders.  LCPrecords, FoxTrotBlackFlag & iarepandemonium.

LCPrecords was someone who was just going into College, FoxTrot didn't go to school or work, and iarepandemonium was finishing up her last year 2 college.  All of them were around the age of 22 & spent a lot of time before on Xbox Minecraft.

In fact, this project pulled iarepandemonium away from finishing a minecraft hogwarts built by a bigger group of friends.  The Idea was they would make 3 worlds "Shanarra", "Pirate World", and "Harry Potter World" and they would be linked together by a Towny.  The owner at the time LCPrecords called it "The Land Over".

At first it was great, they worked together.

iarepandemonium worked on hogwarts.


Slytherin common room being built for the first time.


Thats the roof of the staircase tower currently located 1 block above the void.


You can see hogwarts is floating & has no landscape.
The great hall with just the shell.


The back of the great hall.

This was the beginning of the project & it mostly consisted of LCP & Fox working on towny & Pandette starting to work on her part of the world ie Hogwarts.

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She built up to the last picture on her own, often working on it while she was in classes that didn't require much focus and after school hours.  (Stair case tower roof was built in Geology).


Pandette arguing with LCP about the size of hogwarts.  He thought it was too big but it was actually smaller than the xbox hogwarts.

Then there was b1m_  A friend who helped do the roofs in hogwarts.  Basically when Pandette was too lazy to do something he did it, following her around and cleaning up the messes.  When she was afk he would build afk hubs around her.



One of the first few afk hubs.

Stair case tower roof in the background..



b1m_ putting stairs on the staircase tower.



Now there be stairs on the roofs.


One of b1m_'s famous flowers often hidden in places around the castle for pandette to find.



Inside the quad while building & afk.


Hospital wing


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The start of DADA building.  Classroom before the floor was wood.


Afk hub


Floating tree in the sky fort.


clock courtyard afk hub


Prelandscape clock tower.


Bridge without landscape


The map of hogwarts pandette used to evaluate what needed to be built (puchasable now in diagon's scribbulus)


Bell towers first built.


Start of the transfiguration courtyard.

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First landscape of hogwarts.


Start of the great hall.



another afk box.


Terry's stable, the remains of which are still partially underneath the clock tower landscape.


Green houses being built.


Pande started on a side project for percy jackson's olympus *never finished bc their server was lost.


Hogwarts from above.

Somewhere after the landscaping ChrisVD (3rd person to build on hogwarts and the next person to join [ie xxbethiexx] didn't join until we opened diagonalley) joined the project & built hagrids hut & became a full time helper on doing hogwarts & building various other things. [Unfortunately i don't have pictures from this period. I might have some hidden on my pc and I can dig them up if someone wants a follow up post.  I did take a lot of pictures so it might be i just don't have them on my imgur.)

Kizerk built the quidditch pitch bottom.  Pandette did the towers and then did a horrible job at copy and pasting nad b1m_ fixed the stands after the fact.

Pandette did the main strip of diagon alley with chrisVD helping on the first few buildings


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What the 'main strip' of diagon consists of + the little side street to ollivanders.

xxBethiexx ended up doing the rest of diagon & the bottom half of knockturn alley by herself for the most part with help from builders (At this point we had a pretty large staff considering) and also the top of knockturn was built in a day.


We were using the ollivanders plugin and this happened often dispite the fact we had spellcasting for this spell turned off in hogwarts.


Around this time when pandette was building there were often server crashes due to lag from world edit.  ChrisVD made a book series called ServerCrash featuring how pandette crashed the server multiple times.


Pandette built leaden hall in one day solo. (b1m_ may have helped on the glass part when pandette got a little lazy)



Mightythor thought it would be funny to feature fox and ducky together.


Hogwarts with hagrids and quidditch.


Start of the quidditch pitch.

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Around this time Pandette started messing with coding. She started by changing roleplaying names and profiles which when put in chat actually confused people bc it was in chat but they had no idea who that person was outside chat.

Also around this time LCP & Pandette had a big disagreement about the server. In a fatal move, Pandette bought a server and downloaded her maps. (deleting the other ones.) and continued hogwarts with the staff team from before leaving fox and lcp behind. (they quit minecraft shortly after)

Progressively we built up the server, finishing parts. ChrisVD actually disappeared before we moved servers & on contacting him again he had no idea what had happened. Pandette started devving and we come to meet Xemiru, ScruffyRules, Orabrush, and CrystalMare.

Xemiru died of early getting in an argument about use of teamspeak and left to join SpongePowered.

Scruffy worked on PandeIRC the bot the connected IRC to the server & one of the key features most people use in the server (yea yea it's currently down).

Orabrush set up tons of services & basically made it possible for us to code together instead of working out of a cardboard box. TBH without him or scruffy, the server probably would not have gotten as far as it did. Orabrush really put in a lot of early effort to get everything up and running & made sure the website was up, the forums were up, the different tools for programming were up, he was the one who introduced everyone to znc (ie pandette and the people who use it now) & he was always around in the server to answer questions.

Crystal was actually not all that present @ the beginning, finishing up school, but he taught pandette the basics of sql and she eventually picked it up enough to do the basics of spellbook until he had time to make it not stupid.

Pandette did Spellbook, Crystal did the backend, and Orabrush was the person who conceptualized Classes and really made it a thing. Before hand pandette was doing crazy thinking she could get classes taught by npcs and he ended up making it so classes ran smoothly and without his intial work probably Lessons the plugin written by pandette would have been A LOT different & tbh prolly worse.

We lost scruffy in around january of february and Orabrush was recently resigned from staff for personal reasons.

Richela became Co-Owner somewhere in all this. (Previously she was LCP's receptionist). When asked she was a little more than shocked and thought pandette was joking.

Shortly after ChrisVD was asked to become Co-Owner (he did werk) and since then it has been the fated trio of owners that makes decisions about the server (Crystal is co-owner but does most of the backend decisions.)

Richela helped organize the build of london (started by pandette but she was too lazy to keep going) & chris managed everyone else doing a good job at keeping everything running.

(No more pictures bc i don't have my home computer.)

Truency joined on recently & of course you all have seen all the recent changes. Essentialls that is a very gap filled history of the server. If people like this i might do more & of course i missed parts so maybe other people can fill in. XD.
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Interesting... I didn't know all this. Thanks for sharing the history with us Pande! :D

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This was really interesting, I enjoyed reading about the history of the server!  :D Ty

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Wow, really cool. :)

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Wow, this is really cool xD
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Thanks so much all you people who helped and are helping for all your hard work! I love it here!
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Wow, this is amazing! I really loved reading the server's history! c;

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Totally, yo. 




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If you want to see more pictures there is a collection of tons of pictures from 1 year ago.  (I can compile another one of all the pictures I have on here if anyone wants.)



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Wow all the time and effort to get this server to this point. This story of the server shows tons of dedication and perseverance. 

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Wow, Pandette is the real MVP. Its amazing how much work you have put in this server!

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Omg this is sooooo cool 2 c how far the server has come!!!!
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Wow, Pandette is the real MVP. Its amazing how much work you have put in this server!


If she's MVP, give her some loving, not hating like some people do ;)


The server is consuming a lot of our private time. We wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy doing it.

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Interesting, I knew nothing of the time before I joined.  :)

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