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Started by Viøletta , Aug 10 2016 04:47 AM

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I love the Greenhouses. They're beautiful and yay plants. Woo. Buuuuut ... It would be quite nice if there were numbers outside of the Greenhouses. It would help people (like me) navigate through the Greenhouses and find which one they're supposed to be in, for example, Herbology. Or if someone can't find a specific Greenhouse that someone said there were puffskins in, they would have to run around and try to figure it out on their own. Also, if they were numbered, I feel it would be easier for people to remember which one is which.

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Gansey Arkwright
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As easy as it is to just walk into the Greenhouse to find out which one it is, I, personally, feel like this would be a great idea. It would be especially helpful to newer players. I, myself, being the Herbology professor, still somehow manage to get lost sometimes, so these might help me out.

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