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Christmas is a-Coming > Patch for Knockturn 12.23.2016

Started by Pandette , Nov 27 2016 02:28 PM

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This is a patch that will be released on the Beta server on December 11th 2016, and on the main server on December 23rd 2016



  • A new server belonging to Fance Garland will be added to the network of servers.
  • A reorganization of Knockturn Staff
  • A hub server
  • A relocation of the quiz for newbies
  • A fix to the data loss that has been stalking us lately (We found the issue)


  • Ability to click a chess board to play a game of chess
  • Ability to leave the game and the board will reset
  • Ability for the game to end if a player walks out of range on their turn or is offline on their turn
  • Ability to end the game
  • Ability to undo moves
  • Functionality of all pieces
  • Game is in inventory
  • Allows for you to castle a king
  • Allows for you to turn a pawn into another piece
  • Allows clicking the turn indicator to join
  • Allows players to play against themselves




  • A new wand movement system named Flex.  Flex gives the user the ability to cast spells based on distance from where their wand is rather than having segments in the air they that must be memorized.  Flex will allow the user to alter how big or small their own flex is from 20 degrees to 60 degrees difference
  • Wand particles on movements: A new toggle will be added that will allow you see where you are moving your wand now visibly in front of you (And allow others to see as well.) It will default to white & more colors will be available in the donation shop.  Additionally with this, a new toggle will be added for if you wish to see messages from spellbook or not.
  • (Not visible) Spell registration is now in an annotation, which allows for more things to be freely added.  The old method was not so free and often made it difficult.  With the new registration of spells new things are able to be created more easily.
  • Generated Spellbooks.  Spell creators will not be able to decide if their spells are in generated spellbooks.  There books will make updating Flourish and Blotts easier.  If a spell is in a book, the spell registration will offer an area for description which will allow a spell creator to write a description of the spell.  This will make it so we no longer have long gaps between spells being created and them making it into spellbooks (Also less typos in wand movements ;P)

Time Turner

  • Time Turner now has seasons (When a season changes the person will need to relog to see it & it changes every 3 months ~)
  • Time Turner's /date now shows a calendar when it is a player instead of telling you the date.  We will be adding more things to this calendar such as classes !  This will make everything more visible in game!




  • New /helpop system that will allow staff members to see tickets & talk with the person directly about their issue. Implemented early.
  • /ticket list /ticket open/answer # and /ticket close added. Implemented early.


  • /tpnew added so helpers, mods, etc can teleport directly to a new person and it can only be used for unsorted. Implemented early.

Knockturn Shops

  • Shops will now feature a transaction history that is visible to everyone with the amount of something sold, the price, who it was sold to, and when, also if it was BOUGHT or SOLD!
  • Shops will now have a notify feature that tells you when someone buys something from your shop while it is turned on.
  • Shops will now have a feature that if your shop item has been sold/bought before you can have it track the average buy / sell price on the server and have it automatically set that item to the average price for it to be sold.
  • Add a rearrangement mode that allows people to change where in the shop their stuff is located.
  • Bug Fix: Skulls now will be vendable and no longer bug in the shop.
  • Bug Fix: When clicking an item in a way that isn't registered, the shop will no longer cease to function
  • Bug Fix: A possible economy exploitable hack has been fixed.
  • Add in the ability to have mordonian coins in mordonian so they aren't vending Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts.
  • Shops now has the ability to purchase/sell multiple of something at a time!




  • Scheduled Lessons will now persist through restarts
  • Professors can schedule more than one class as long as it's not within an hour of another class they have scheduled.
  • Professors can schedule days in advanced.
  • Multiple months are visible on the calendar allowing you to see ahead for events that take place.
  • Due to the id's for classes being more visible, you can look up homework from classes with the new system.
  • If a class is silenced and a person is called on, they are able to speak while the class is silenced.




  • Brooms should be officially working with no bugs.  Report any you see.
  • Custom broom data has been added thanks to ScruffyRules.  Broom Crafting is on its way.

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  • FlamingReen
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I can't wait for this! It sounds amazing. :D 

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Gareott Rimma
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this looks good

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Harmony Oakley
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So excited, sounds so cool!

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Rey Wayland
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This looks and sounds amazing! I can't wait!!

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Katherine <3
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everything seems so amazing! i can't wait!

i just have one question: how2lernwizardspell?


plus my name is in gryffindor house chat in the first pic :o I'm famous praiseme

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Percy Renshaw
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This looks awesome! I can't wait!
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